The Benefits of Self-Care for Mental Health 

Self-care is the practice of ensuring that you are meeting your emotional and physical needs. What that looks like will vary from person to person. Some people may meditate while others crave the community of yoga class. No matter what your self-care routine looks like, it is important to prioritize self-care for your physical and mental health.

That’s because when we engage in self-care, we promote self-awareness and we also listen more closely to our bodies. Here are three reasons you should integrate self-care into your pursuit of optimal mental health:

Manage stress

Stress is often unavoidable, but if left unchecked it can have negative consequences for your mental and physical health. Elevated stress levels can cause sleep disruption, increase anxiety levels and impact your appetite. Activities, such as physical movement and exercise or even relaxation techniques like massage or a warm bath can help reduce stress. Consider activities that work for you and make them part of your self-care regimen. 

 Create a positive mental attitude

Self-care can help you be at your best because, when you take the time to address your needs, you are more prepared to care for, lead and work with others. Cultivating a positive mental attitude can lead to additional optimism and positive responses from others. But a positive mental attitude is more than just seeing things in the best light; it’s also the awareness that you have a choice about how you react to the world around you. When you choose to be positive, it can result positively on your mental health.

Improve physical health

The link between mental health and physical health is well understood. Many people who suffer from depression can attest that it is sometimes accompanied by physical pain. Therefore, when we engage in self-care with the intention of bettering our mental health, it can also help us improve our physical health. Self-care activities like yoga are good for the muscles as well as the mind. Walking to clear your head also burns calories. Eating better or getting out of bad habits with food or drink has benefits for both our mental and physical states. 

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