Setting Up an “At Home” Yoga Practice

One thing yoga is good for is STRESS. In this time of uncertainty, stress and anxiety are taking up much of our lives. Yoga is one thing you can do at HOME to relieve stress. You only need a few at home essentials to get yourself into a healthier mindset.

1. A blanket, towel, or a yoga mat: you can use any one of these in your yoga practice. You just need something comfortable to sit and kneel on.
2. A bottle of water: always make sure to stay hydrated no matter the intensity of your yoga practice.
3. Yourself! Yoga is all about moving your body and breathing. If you can do both of those things, you’re doing yoga! If you DO want a guide or a challenge, check out our partner – – for incredible videos for all skill levels. Use promo code SHYFT for 30 days free, plus 50% off for two months ($7/month).
Let us know in the comments below how you are practicing your yoga at home!

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