For those ready to go ALL IN on mindfulness

Check out this free Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction online course. From the site: “A live, in-person Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class is still the best way to learn mindfulness…but it’s not always possible, for financial and logistical reasons. This online course uses precisely the same course curriculum and resources that I used in my local in-person course.” I took this class in July 2018. I still tease our founder that the experience “broke my brain”—in all the best ways. It helped me get off medications and rediscover my joy.

For those curious about meditation

Read about the benefits of daily meditation + 10 health benefits

Try guided meditation (not affiliated with SHYFT but Meditation Oasis’s podcast was my personal gateway to meditation)

For those who need to MOVE

Get 30 days of yoga free with locally-owned Yogi-Approved classes. SHYFT instructor Alba Avella is featured on this site, where you can search by style, intensity level, duration, and more.

Connect with us on Facebook for LIVE movement classes, breath work, and more!

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