Ecstatic Dance – August 8

Dance as meditation and emotional release has been practiced for thousands of years around the world. Ecstatic Dance is a gathering that encourages free movement and emphasizes a sense of interconnectedness with others. Dancers are invited to let go of their stress and move towards an experience of love and serenity. Beginners are welcome and there is no wrong way to participate. We will enjoy sounds from a professional DJ along with an experienced guide.

Come to SHYFT and enjoy a safe space to dance minus the alcohol and the nightclub vibe. Ecstatic Dance attracts people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds into community. Dancing will be barefoot. Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in and bring a water bottle.

We are pleased to offer this on a sliding scale between a $12 – $50. Please take a deep breath and check in with your heart about what you are able to afford at this time. Your generosity helps support those in need.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, there are some volunteer support positions available. Please send an email to for additional information.

Doors open 5:45pm.


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